Banner Advertising – Where and How to Do it For Best Effectiveness

Almost every website that we visit has some form of banner advertising. Usually, they are colorful, eye-catching, and the vast majority of the time they are ignored or rarely clicked on. Part of the reason for this is related to the fact that banners are random advertisements that are not targeted and often placed on a site that is not related to the demographics of the average visitor. Many free advertising sources use banners as well, and while many of these banners do a better job targeting the audience, they are not effective because there are no direct awards for clicking on them. All of these issues result in a colorful, eye-catching, and often superior graphic design that is not effective and is often a waste of time and money. What can be done about this? Several things, and none of them are very difficult, and all of them are also done by all effective marketers.

1. Demographic targeting is just as important when advertising with banners as with any other type of ad. It is better to spend a little more and properly place a banner on the correct website rather than spend less and have it randomly placed where it may or may not reach the appropriate audience. As an example, a banner advertising a face cream for acne would not be effective on a site that targets the elderly. But on a website designed to appeal to teenage boys it could be extremely effective.

2. Random banners on websites that have a random clientele are always going to be hit and miss. Expectations for the effectiveness of these banners should be low, and hence the cost for these should be minimal. Do not pay a lot for these banner views. Using this method should be a small part of banner advertising and it should also be accompanied by text on the banner that entices a random site visitor to click on it. Marketing something with mass appeal is the best option in this situation, with catchy text and graphics.

3. The best spot for banner advertising, unbeknownst to most people, even many experienced marketers, is with PPC (pay per click) advertising. Banner ads with PPC actually get a click-through rate that is up to ten times better than with standard text advertising. The reason for this is both ironic and after a moment’s thought, obvious. Pay per click ads run on two different networks. There is the search network, the ads that are on the top and side of the page when we do a web search in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. Then there is the content network consisting of informational sites such as article sites, blogs, online newspapers, and websites. In both cases, these networks generally feature a large percentage of text, unlike websites designed for advertising. Since there is so much text a banner stands out much better than more text.

Properly placing banners, designing them and choosing a product based on customer type, and following demographic rules will increase the banner click-through rates and increase sales. In addition, banners on sites that randomly advertise multiple websites should not be expected to perform well. For best effectiveness with banners use them in your pay per click (PPC) advertising. Here is where you will get the best click-through rates and related sales. Banners can still be very effective if we follow simple rules and target potential buyers properly.